Peter Goldenthal, Ph.D.

Narberth, Pennsylvania 19072

What People Say about Dr. Goldenthal's Presentations:

"Dr. Goldenthal was a fabulous speaker during the Parent Talk Lecture Series ( in May 2012. He spoke to an audience of over 100 parents of young children on the topic of Silbing Rivalry.
Dr, Goldenthal was very easy to work with leading up to the lecture and was a pleasure to work with at the lecture itself.
As a speaker, Dr. Goldenthal had a very calm manner, was easy to listen to, talked about what the audience was there to hear and welcomed many questions.
He was able to cover a lot of practical information for parents. We all wished we could have had more time to hear him talk.
Dr. Goldenthal was also very willing to stay after the lecture for book signing and to answer more personal questions.
He was a pleasure to meet, connect with and learn from." SAri Musmon, PARENT TALK

Praise for Dr. Goldenthal's Books

"Goldenthal has succeeded in turning the complex theoretical concepts of this approach into the clinical and practical. If I could recommend just one book on contextual therapy, this book would be it."
Gerald R. Weeks, Ph.D., Penn Council on Relationships, The University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

"...a skillful writer who has given serious thought to some of the most recent developments of contextual therapy." Ivan Boszormenyi-Nagy, M.D.

"Peter Goldenthal gives us new insights. This is a must-read book." Myrna Shure, Ph.,D., author of Raising a Thinking Child

(Dr. Goldenthal's) techniques ... are presented with insight and clarity. This is a unique and valuable book." William B. Carey, M.D.; Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Universityof Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Dr. Peter Goldenthal: Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Therapist, Author, Trainer, Speaker

Dr. Goldenthal specializes in treating difficult-to-treat problems of childhood and adolescence, specializing in anxiety, phobias developmental delay, and autism spectrum disorders in Philadelphia and its suburbs.

• Have you received multiple and conflicting diagnoses for your child?

• Have previous treatment efforts failed?

• Is your adolescent in need of therapy but highly anxious about beginning?

• Are you worried about the medications that your anxious teen or adult child seems to need? Do and wish that you had a strong therapist who could help him or her to talk about his or her concerns?

Dr. Peter Goldenthal has been helping children, adolescents, and families for over 30 years. He is a Board Certified Clinical and Family Psychologist, the author of five books, and an internationally recognized expert in the treatment of challenging problems of children, including:

• Anxiety

• Phobias

• Autism Spectrum Disorders including Asperberger Syndrome
• Problems with a Medical Component including Encopresis, Sleep Problems, Chronic Illness, and Developmental Disabilities

• Oppositional Disorders

• Selective Mutism

• Intense Sibling Conflict

How Does Therapy With Dr. Goldenthal Work?

When you call, Dr G (that’s what the kids call him) will speak with you at no charge for about 10 minutes. You will have an opportunity to share your concerns about your child or adolescent and to ask questions. Dr. Goldenthal will offer suggestions about what to say to your child or adolescent about the upcoming visit to reduce their natural apprehension. Dr. Goldenthal is known for his warmth and for his ability to set children and adolescents of all ages at ease.Unlike some psychologists, he is personable and noted for his his clear and direct communication style. He answers questions and will offer advice as needed.

If your child is 12 or younger, the first visit will begin with you and your child. If your child seems comfortable, you may be invited to retire to the waiting room for some portion of that visit. If, however, your child seems anxious about being alone, the appointment will continue with you and your child.

If your child is 12 or older, Dr. G will ask ito talk alone or with parents present. Almost always, even older children and adolescents welcome their parents to that first visit, and often to subsequent visits as well.

Sometimes, parents have issues or concerns that they would like to talk about without their child before treatment begins. These parents are invited to come to the first office visit without their child. For families who attend the first visit together, separate appointments are offered to parents early in treatment so that they may share concerns, provide detailed historical information, and ask questions.

As treatment progresses, Dr. G. welcomes all requests for private discussion with parents, whether on the phone or in the office.

Dr. Goldenthal has presented lectures and workshops for thousands of parents and professionals here and abroad. His work has been featured on the TODAY show, CBS Sunday Morning, Voices in the Family with Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Radio Times with Marty Moss Coane and on numerous other radio and television shows.

Dr. Goldenthal's office, easily reached from Philadelphia and its western suburbs, is located one half block from the Narberth station of the R 5. For appointments or further information, call 610-660-8400.

It’s easy to get started. Call 610-660-8400. Dr. Goldenthal will personally return your call, generally within 24 hours.

For new therapists: training and case consultation is available.

Selected Works by Dr. Goldenthal

A parenting book providing answers to questions about sibling conflicts
Professional Book
This book presents the theory, concepts, and techniques of Contextual Therapy, a unique and powerful thereapeutic approach especially suited to helping children and adolescents.

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