Peter Goldenthal, Ph.D., ABPP: Child, Adult, & Family Psychology

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A parenting book providing answers to questions about sibling conflicts
Professional Book
This book presents the theory, concepts, and techniques of Contextual Therapy, a unique and powerful thereapeutic approach especially suited to helping children and adolescents.

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Therapy and the Human-Dog Bond

Help for dogs who are afraid of thunderstorms

February 8, 2016

Tags: dogs, training, thunderstorms

One common question from dog owners is this: What Can I do About my dog's fear of thunder?

Fear of loud noises probably developed eons ago for a very good reason:extremely loud noises are often accompanied by dangerous events. There are two things to do when your dog cowers or shakes during a thunderstorm, or other loud noises such as fireworks. Distract him or her with a favorite game or activity involving praise and treats. Provide the sort of comfort that young puppies seek from their mothers: close contact, warmth, snuggling.