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Your Dog may be more Therapeutic than You Know

How often do you say or hear something like this,” I can’t believe it. He (or she) is my little buddy. He follows me around and he cares where I am.” ?

Or perhaps this is more familiar, “Even when I hate the rest of my family, I still love my dog.”?

To my way of thinking, these statements indicate a therapeutic relationship, one that provides comfort and caring. Ours is an age of narcissism. Just about everybody is very busy and preoccupied by a myriad of personal concerns. That doesn’t always leave time for friends, sometimes not even for intimates. Even when there is time, friends may be too busy thinking about their own concerns and challenges to be fully present.

But your dog always has time for you, always cares what you are doing, and often how you are feeling too. Those three attributes are healing and therapeutic.

More later.

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