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A Disabled Dog with a Special Ability

Today I’m going to relate the story of how a very special dog helped his person learn to be more socially engaged. Hank, a coon hound, had been found by the side of the road in Arkansas, starving and with a huge infection in his leg–the result of having been used for target practice by some yahoo. Rescued by a passerby, patched up by a local veterinarian who had to amputate the infected leg, Hank was transported to Maine, where he was adopted.

Jane, who adopted Hank, is a self-described introvert: “When I’m in public, my goal is to be invisible.”

After adopting Hank, Jane’s life changed. “When I go places with Hank, people approach because he has three legs, because he’s a brindle, and because he’s so well behaved.So I get to interact with people through Hank.”

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